When the Holy Spirit Danced With Me in My Kitchen

A Lovely Conversation With the Holy Spirit

There is much to be learned in this simple dialogue.


Anthony Wilson


When the Holy Spirit Danced With Me in My Kitchen

the first thing I noticed was his arms,

thick and hairy like a bricklayer’s

with a tattoo of an anchor

as Churchill had.

‘Coming for a spin?’ he grinned,

in an accent more Geordie than Galilee,

and he whirled me

through tango, foxtrot and waltz

without missing a beat.

‘You’re good,’ I said.  ‘Thanks,’

he said, taking two glasses to the tap.

‘You’re not so bad yourself,

for someone with no sense of rhythm

and two left feet.’

He gave me a wink.

‘It’s all in the waist.

The movement has to start there

or it’s dead.’

‘You’ll find it applies to most things,’

he went on, grabbing the kettle.

‘Writing, cooking, kissing,

all the things you’re good at,

or think you are.’

He winked again.

‘You don’t mind me asking,’ I said,

‘but why are you here?’

‘I thought it…

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