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I am, in no particular order, an author, husband, father, Christ-follower, and flawed human being attempting to spend his allotted time on Earth as productively and usefully as possible. Although my failures and disappointments are both numerous and frequent, they pale in comparison to the wonder I feel towards God’s awesome creation and my joy in His son Jesus Christ.

In 1986, after completing my undergraduate studies in Finance at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, I was invited to participate in a summer fellowship program in Philosophy and Theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, England. From this formative experience developed a life-long passion for learning, in general, and medieval history, in particular. A professed Anglophile and avid collector of rare books, artifacts, and medieval weapons and armor, I am a second-career writer, having recently retired from a long career as a healthcare executive. I live in Frisco, Texas, just outside Dallas, with my wife and two of our four children and am the author of the upcoming historical fiction novel Closer Than a Brother.


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25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi James,
    Thank you for following my blog. Mine is fairly new, too, and it seems we have quite a lot in common – large families for one! We also share a love of the same type of books and I note some of my favourite authors in your list. I’ll enjoy following you, and good luck with your book. I just have the one on Amazon at the moment but I’m coming to the final sections of Book 2 now. It’s a busy life being retired!

  2. Hi James

    Thanks for following my blog. I’ve also just completed book 2 in my fantasy series for kids. I’ve got a few more years left before I retire, but am looking forward to it. Great site.

  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for following my blog. Unlike most your fans I am not a writer. I am in awe of people who can create such magic. Haven’t the faintest idea how you can weave magic out of air, I just enjoy, read and review.

  4. Thank you so much James for the recent follow – Ma Chris and I appreciate you taking the time to visit, your following was the icing on the cake! We pray you find encouragement, something to make you smile or think or to lift a burden. Being a father, a husband, an author and a Christ follower can present some challenges. Thankfully God is here to comfort and to ease our daily burdens. Be blessed and we pray your book’s coming release will be all that you hope it to be.

    Rebecca and Ma Chris

  5. Hello there, James! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. It’s always good to “meet” someone else with an interest in history and HF. Been perusing your site – very well set out. Good luck with it. Will follow! Andrew G

  6. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed looking around your blog and the page of quotes you keep. I find inspiration in others’ words, too, and post quotes about writing on my blog every December. It’s a sort of Christmas present to other writers. Best wishes in your writing journey!

  7. Thanks for the follow, James. We visited Texas in 2011, but only the southern part of the state. We have friends in Katy and Houston and while we were there we attended Tallywood Baptist Church with them.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Charlie. Houston is a lovely city but can be a bit humid in the summer. I hope you experienced some good Texas hospitality while you were there. If not, come to Dallas next time and we’ll show you how its done. Cheers.

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